Writing a feature story

The best rule in feature writing is to observe no rules, aside from those of basic journalistic style and structure the best lead for the feature story is a natural extension of the story. Posts about sample feature stories written by sphilpott shannon philpott college media advisers, college writing samples, feature stories, inauguration road. How to write a great feature article feature articles are detailed pieces of writing which explore a range of issues anecdotes and stories. Feature story definition, a newspaper or magazine article or report of a person, event, an aspect of a major event, or the like, often having a personal slant and. In this lesson, we will learn about feature stories and how to write effective human interest pieces that leave a lasting impression we'll learn. Feature story: a feature story is any piece of writing that falls between the cut-and-dried news story on the one hand, and the w holly fictionalized story or opinionated essay 011 the other.

writing a feature story

Writing feature headlines reporters are granted more scope when they write soft-news feature stories therefore, copy editors may also be given more license to take chances and do unusual. Information on how to write a feature story to submit to a newspaper reporter. Get the press you want by crafting a feature story that'll get picked up by the how to attract attention with a feature article when writing a lead. Have you ever wondered what a feature article is or how you go about writing a great one maybe you just need help for an important school assignment or are looking. Feature story ideas 1 sneak attack—a story about tennis shoes what's cooking--spend a day with the cooks and write a color story about their job.

How to write a feature article featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically. Be realistic about the issue you are covering - does it have enough dimensions to hold a reader's interest for a long feature if the story can be. Many feature stories are recorded in the online archives of magazines and newspapers a feature story is a piece of in-depth journalism it differs from headline. Don't worry if you have never written an article before, read some top tips for people who are brand new to feature writing.

Ask most people what a feature story is, and they'll say something soft and puffy, written for the arts or fashion section of a newspaper or website but in fact. From the newsroom, dev sukumar in talks with our writers explains the difference between a news story and a feature article and how to approach these topics. Tips for writing a sports feature things to consider when writing a lead should feature the most many sports stories normally end with an.

The process of writing a feature article for a magazine is not much different from writing an article for a newspaper or newsletter one of the main differences however, is that a feature. Feature writing with beth ryan, freelance writer : if you ask the question how and why things happen, then you probably like reading feature stories in newspapers and magazines what is a. Feature stories, which are told in third person, merge the factual side of news writing and the artistic side of storytelling feature stories can include personal profiles and human. Jerz writing journalism 1999 dennis g jerz this page offers a brief analysis of a newspaper feature -- a human interest story that is not closely tied to a recent news event.

Writing a feature story

writing a feature story

Feature writing tells the reader a story it has a beginning (lead), middle and end it uses quotes liberally and allows the reader to see the story through.

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  • Hard news vs feature stories hard news articles are written so the reader can stop reading at any time, and still come away with the whole story this is very different from an essay, which.
  • Feature writing (caven masuku, gweru, zimbabwe) introduction a good feature writer is neither wordy nor flowery he is precise and straight to the point and is guided by the abc of.
  • Writing a feature article 1 writing a feature article casablanca bloggers program 2012 2 outline2 what is a feature article.
  • Writing a feature story study play feature writing key function is to humanize, add color, to educate, to entertain, to illuminate feature writing may or may not be tied to a current.

A feature story is a piece of non-fiction writing about news a feature story is a type of soft news the main sub-types are the news feature and the human-interest story. I am a feature writer – when writing a news story transport your reader to a time and place where your story begins while writing a feature lead. Here is a look at the 5 components necessary for any feature story here's how to compelling tell the stories of people's lives.

writing a feature story writing a feature story writing a feature story

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